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Hey G-Braves fans!


It might only be February, but I hope you’re all as
excited as I am for the best time of the year to start, baseball season that
is!  I’ve been a very busy groundhog during the off-season promoting your
favorite team in the country.  So much has gone on in G-Braves world since
the last time I posted my blog, and I’m ready to share it with you!


First of all, Gwinnett Stadium has a cool new name. 
Your Gwinnett Braves’ new home is now Coolray Field.  We at the G-Braves
office are all very excited about the partnership and the future of the
ballpark with Coolray Heating and Cooling as the title sponsor.


As for what I’ve been up to in the off-season, a few
weeks ago on Groundhogs Day, I arrived at the Yellow River Ranch, home of the
southeast’s official weather prognosticator General Beauregard Lee, for the
annual Groundhogs Day celebration.  For those of you who have been
dreading the cold winter as I have been, I was able to bring joy as my shadow
was not seen.  Hooray for Spring coming early this year!


The Great Shredder Event IV took place at our stadium
this year too, and I was especially excited to walk around and give my friends
pocket schedules for our 2010 season, as well as take photos with fans. 
This year’s event was the largest ever as over 6,500 cars and 12,000 people
participated too.  Over 150 tons of paper was shredded, saving
approximately 3,400 trees.  Way to go Gwinnett!


I also spent some time delivering gifts to loyal Braves
fans who wanted to show their loved ones how much they meant to them on
Valentine’s Day.  You can check out photos from these special
celebrations, as well as other events I made appearances at on the G-Braves website


With a little over one month until Opening Day, I will
continue to make my way across Gwinnett County reminding fans that they should take
advantage of what should be yet another great season in Lawrenceville making
appearances at the T-Ball and Pee Wee Try Outs, Dacula’s Baseball Jamboree,
Collins Hill Opening Day, birthday parties and more!


I love “popping-out” of my home to visit my friends
across Gwinnett County, so I hope to see you soon!


Til next time,


Your buddy, Chopper!


Chopper’s Off-Season

G-Braves Faithful,

Off-Season’s Greetings from your favorite (and hardest working) groundhog in sports! As I promised, my blog would be back as soon as the season had come to an end…although I was hoping to have a huge picture of the Governor’s Cup next to my gorgeous mug! There is always next year and seriously our boys played well all season…

I would like to thank all of you guys for being such great sports this year at “Tiny Ted.” As your ambassador of fun for the Gwinnett Braves, I would like to highlight a few personal follies that makes my tail wiggle and belly roll…

1)      The Aramark Vendors. After the last game of the season I think he went on strike! I tallied up my damages and it was well in to the 100’s of bags of “compromised” cotton candy, and double that in bad Aramark Vendor dance moves. When is he going to learn that it always turns out bad for him…minus the time the security guard kicked me out or when the Aramark Vendor popped me square in the shnoze!

2)      Keeping Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful! Shaving the Charlotte Knight’s First Base Coach’s beard in-between innings was my way of contributing to a beautified community.

3)      Mascot Bash! This year my boys Freddie Falcon, Harry the Hawk, Pounce, Gus, Maximus the Lion, and the Herd (Chick-Fil-A Cows) came out for a huge Sunday afternoon bash of tug-of-war, t-shirt tossing, autographs, and a tribute to MJ…wait till next year when we kick it up a notch!

4)      How about the time the Red Sox fan heckled me all night long…you know what happened to him? He ended up in my trash can! Let this be a warning to you visiting “intruders.”

5)      Last (certainly not least)…the Grounds Crew pranked me! All season long they have been complaining that I steal their thunder in-between innings by goofing around and being your ambassador of fun. They would stuff my locker, hide my ATV key, fill my trash can with JUNK; the list goes on…we all know how this ends up. I got the bright idea to give them their field…I stayed off and let them have their moment…”Chopper-Style.” On our only double-header I thought it would be smart that they hydrate for working double on this night…I mean 2 extra drags is a lot for those guys (they nap in-between innings!)….from all locations in the ball park I hit them with some water balloon reminders to drink water…well ,the end result isn’t so hot! They ignored my friendly reminders, so I decided to go on the field to remind them…little did I know I would be AMBUSHED! They got the whole visiting team to unleash 100 water balloons my way! I am still dripping! Don’t worry, I have my game plan in place for next year….little do they know!

Well that’s a brief look back at our first year in Gwinnett together. This summer I got so much up my sleeve. Check back frequently as I load up videos of some of my hilarious skits and off season videos that I will be sharing with my favorite people north of the fall line!  PS: Check me out on face book by searching “Gwinnett’s Chopper”

Your Buddy,



PS: Invite me to your event! Email and I will mark you on my calendar!

Chopper Adventures

G-Braves Nation,


Chopper here, just wanted to check in with all our faithful fans that are preparing for the best times of the year, baseball season! I’ve been back at it again – being the hardest working Groundhog in sports is something that is tough to keep up with! I still enjoy meeting all these new faces in Gwinnett!


This month I have some very exciting news! Get to your local retailer and pick up the latest edition of Gwinnett Magazine. This month yours truly had a photo shoot with some very special friends in preparation for the Gwinnett County Relay For Life in May! The magazine also has highlights of what you are gonna experience at our new stadium, as well as some cool tidbits on our team. For more information on Gwinnett Magazine, check out!


Take a look at some of my cool pictures on our Web site – I’ve been getting out and about and I have my friends at the office post my pictures so I can share them with you! If you have a photo that you would like to submit with your favorite mascot…ME…then you can email it to and  you can also contact her if you would like to invite me to your next event!


Till next time…



Tuning Up For The Season

Hey Fans,


Just another week in the life of the hardest working groundhog in baseball! This week I showed up at Mill Creek High School for Youth Night at the Varsity Soccer games and got to meet many of the Gwinnett Braves Fans…you guys are great! I have been doing a lot to get prepared for opening day. With spring training starting up, I have been doing the typical preseason routine that I have been instructed to accomplish by my trainers…this includes sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping and then eating. Its a very balanced routine that is necessary for the success of a Groundhog and his overall tip-top shape health status!


On another note, I have been working so hard that my friend in the Gwinnett Braves office, ya know the ones you have to call as soon as possible to reserve your seats for opening night, sent me on a trip to a day SPA..I got a stone massage, a facial (you should have seen the size of the cucumbers the lady used on over my eyes), and a good old soak. I came out feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to putting smiles on faces and signing autographs! This weekend I am going to be going to a birthday party in downtown Atlanta with some of my friends from 790 the Zone…I can’t wait to hang out with those guys!


I want to come to your next event…send me Chopper request at because you never know when this Groundhog will pop up at your event!


Till next time, stay warm! (I thought General Lee was supposed to bring us warmer weather for not seeing his shadow!!!!)

Groundhog Day

Hey G-Braves fans,

This is your favorite, hardest working groundhog in baseball here! Just wanted to let you know about Groundhog Day this week… I woke up on Monday at 3:45 a.m. to head down to the 11 Alive News Station and did the 5:30 weather report and sat in on the anchor desk. It was really cool being on the news for the first time since becoming the G-Braves mascot. Once I was done there I made it to the Yellow River Ranch, home of the southeast’s official weather prognosticator General Beauregard Lee. By 7:30 a.m., Good Morning America, the AJC, Fox 5, Channel 11 Alive, and the Gwinnett Post all had glimpses of Gwinnett’s favorite groundhogs.

When Beau popped out of his modified Southern Plantation home, he did not see his shadow. So it looks like spring will be enjoyed by Braves fans sooner than later! Later that day I had lunch with the Gwinnett Daily Post contest winners, United Steel of America in Duluth. We ate Chick-Fil-A and I signed autographs. That is how the hardest working groundhog in sports spent his favorite holiday!

Braves fans – opening night is just over 70 days away and tickets are going fast. So make sure you reserve your seats now to see me and all your favorite players make history in Gwinnett!

Check back next week,


What Does A Groundhog Do In The Offseason?

Hey Fans….

Ever since my big day in September when I was introduced at Lawrenceville Elementary School, I have been all over the place. Being the hardest working groundhog in baseball means many things…however recently it means attending to the needs of your favorite media outlets!  I have been in many, many interviews, television reports, news paper articles, blogs – you name it! The warm welcome has been awesome and I promise well worth it! This week my friends at Gwinnett Magazine dialed up the Chopper Line and we chatted about what is in store for this season with my boys down in the dugout and what we’re gonna have in store for you fans in the stands. This issue will be out in March, check it out! Hopefully my soul-patched face will be front and center!

Don’t forget that this Saturday from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. my friends from the radio broadcast team will be looking for an MC to work with me in the stands during our games. We will be in front of Nordstrom Department Store. Bring your Triple A Game and we will see you there!


Til Next Week,


Chopper Gets A Blog

Happy New Year from your favorite G-Braves member, Chopper!!! It’s already January and I have been getting into all sorts of trouble out about in the community…getting everyone excited about Gwinnett’s Baseball Team. It all started in September when I was given my name at Lawrenceville Elementary School during a special ceremony in front of the entire 5th grade! Some of you may have seen your favorite soul-patched groundhog on television or in the newspaper also! From blood drives and dance studios to fall festival parades and fundraisers, I have been traveling around Gwinnett making sure you all know me and my baseball club!  You all have been so nice and welcoming, I love it here! This is my new blog that I am going to update once a week and keep you guys informed on what I am doing around our community, where I may “pop-up” next, and even what I have been doing in games. Maybe you’ll see some goofy videos of me in action at our field (which is turning out to be a very nice place for this groundhog to call home)…I already have a few things rolled up my sleeve that are sure to be worth a few laughs…

In the meantime, go check out my cool photos from some of the things I have been doing lately, they are located on our Web site Don’t forget, if you would like to have me show up at your next event, fundraiser or special occasion you can contact the Community Relations Department at 678-277-0300. Tell them that Chopper sent you! Tune in next week when I discuss the finer points of being the hardest working groundhog in baseball!

 PS: Got a special photo with me that you want to share? Or how about a question for your favorite groundhog? Send me curveball at….